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Centralised operating model design for CIB within a Tier 2 global bank

Local regulator review identified inconsistent and incomplete KYC & Sanctions information. Local policies and local compliance with localised on-boarding model across 7 countries. Lack of agreement on which model best served the customer outcomes and banks strategy including a significant cost reduction.


Additional benefits identified

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Target operating model design & delivery for a global fund administrator

Current client onboarding system was inefficient and fragmented, leading to longer processing times and inconsistent data. The system resulted in manual processes and a poor customer experience. There was an urgent need to automate their onboarding journey and enhance customer interactions.


Centralised policy

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Designed & delivered a digital onboarding journey for a global fund administrator

The client had an urgent need for simplification of compliance to allow for future expansion to other jurisdictions. Aurora delivered tailored configuration to simplify their customer onboarding process and enhance their clients' experience through the integration of a customer portal.


End-to-end customer journeys

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Delivered a consistent business operating model for a Tier 2 global bank

The bank had an urgent need to resolve issues identified by the local regulator, largely related to inconsistent and incomplete regulatory and KYC information. 6 sites had local policies and local compliance. KYC, product and account data was held in multiple account systems.


FTE savings over 3 years

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Middle Office strategy delivery for an international Tier 1 bank

The bank had multiple policies and local procedures, and a cost base that could not be sustained. In parallel, the US regulator was monitoring the bank for significant improvements in the quality of AML data. Service levels had deteriorated compared to competitors.



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Programme design & mobilisation for a digital near real-time onboarding solution

The bank’s onboarding process for commercial clients was inefficient and costly, and the customer experience was falling behind that of fin-tech competitors. There was an urgent need to design a new onboarding and KYC process which could be performed in minutes not 10+ days.


Staff supported by the design

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Risk Assurance framework of a Tier 2 Investment House

An external BDO audit identified significant weaknesses in the banks existing conduct and risk assurance framework. Aurora strengthened cross-functional guidelines and procedures, embedded in a reworked policy hierarchy. The purpose of these changes was to address audit points, establish a rigorous control framework and bring the banks documented FO policy in line with industry best practice.


Audit deficiencies

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People and Process optimisation across CLM onboarding in Tier 2 Bank

The client wanted to increase their client base and improve customer experience, but had a disjointed process for onboarding, with inconsistency in how clients were onboarded, unclear roles and responsibilities F2B and governance being initiated at the wrong part of the process. We optimised all target processes, revised the governance, defined new Client Manager roles and clarified roles and responsibilities across the process. Introduced client welcome packs, and defined approach for centralising documentation to reduce internal email traffic.


Relationship Bankers' time saved

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Repositioned a $9 billion RegTech to resonate better with FIs

One of the largest global RegTechs found they were losing out to competitors in the RFI/RFP process but were unclear why. We identified that their current messaging resonated with tech but not front office or senior budget holders.


Regions aligned on sales messaging

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Optimised the sales journey and collateral for a global RegTech

One of the largest global RegTechs found they were losing out to competitors in the RFI/RFP process but were unclear why. We identified that their current messaging resonated with tech but not front office or senior budget holders.


Senior stakeholders aligned on sales journey & collateral

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Content strategy for a 'RegTech100' CLM solution

This UK-based CLM technology approached Aurora to leverage the team's CLM expertise in order to understand the market landscape, speak the language of senior executives, and drive awareness of how their solution solves the problems of banks.


Years of collaboration

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Market insights for a leading data management RegTech

A global leader in Enterprise Data Management sought to evaluate new market opportunities that would help them scale and reposition their solution in the market. The outcome would aid their strategic decision-making and become the basis for their future sales and marketing approach.


New sectors identified

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